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"Bringing Nature Back to LIFE"
"Ecological Restoration and Conservation of the Green Coastal Wet Infrastructure of Praia da Vitória"


The process of restoration and reordering involves the construction of an effective connection to the sea in Paul da Praia da Vitória, enlargement of the water mirror area, integration in the natural space of adjacent land, currently heavily urbanized.
In Paul do Belo Jardim the expropriation of the wet area and rearrangement of the surrounding area of ​​the water mirror as well as access to the adjacent beach. In Paul da Pedreira, the intervention in the field mainly involves the ordering of access to the site and the installation of an environmental interpretation center, taking advantage of a pre-existing building and creating conditions for the environmental interpretation center's own building to be a model of sustainability and respect for the environment.
The existing building only needs to be equipped with technology to develop an appealing and effective strategy for environmental education.
The present project will guarantee the existence of a network of wetlands through the restoration and reordering of them, for which a specialized team will be formed in order to guarantee its success.
In support of the project, a series of preparatory actions are included, including the development of wetland intervention projects as well as monitoring and evaluation actions to establish the best restoration and management techniques. The results will be disseminated through a television campaign and the Internet, always trying to promote information exchange with similar projects. Scientific days will be held where the results achieved in the project will be presented constituting a way of evaluating the actions throughout the project and possible changes of procedures during the same.
In the final phase of the project after completion of the physical interventions, the preparation of the wetland management plans will begin, which will support its future management after the end of the project.

The LIFE CWR project is divided by actions in five distinct areas:

Action A - Preparatory actions, preparation of management plans and / or action plans

A1 - Characterization and mapping of intervention areas
A2 - Intervention project for the affected areas
Action C - Concrete conservation actions

C1 - Construction of a direct connection from Paul da Praia da Vitoria to the sea
C2 - Increase in the wet area of ​​Paul da Praia da Vitoria
C3 - Restoration of the wet zone of Paul do Belo Jardim
C4 - Improvement of access to the bathing area adjacent to Paul do Belo Jardim
C5 - Implement and streamline the environmental interpretation center in an ecologically sustainable building
C6 - Envelopment planning and access to the area of ​​paul da Pedreira
C7 - Restoration of wetland flora

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Action D - Monitoring the impact of project actions

D1 - Water quality monitoring
D2 - Fauna and Flora Monitoring
D3 - Evaluation of Socioeconomic Benefits of the project
D4 - Evaluation of the Impact on the Biodiversity of the Wet Green Infrastructure of Praia da Vitória

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Action E - Public awareness and dissemination of results

E1 - Training on biodiversity conservation in wetlands
E2 - Training on wetland fieldwork methodologies
E3 - Media campaign on the importance of wetlands
E4 - Development of the project logo
E5 - Creation and placement of information boards
E6 - Awareness raising on the importance of wetlands for biodiversity and socio-economics
E7 - Scientific Disclosure
E8 - Layman's report
E9 - Knowledge building on wetland conservation: modeling, public participation and simulation of scenarios
E10 - Elaboration of a project portal on the official website of Praia da Vitoria City Hall
E11 - Providing logistical support to birdwatchers
E12 - Installation of an online bird watching system
E13 - HotSpot Disclosure for birdwatchers
E14 - Availability of avifauna images present in the three pairs in real time through the internet

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Action F - Global project operation and project progress monitoring

F1 - Ensure project consulting through a scientific committee
F2 - Project implementation and coordination
F3 - Audit of the project financial report by an independent auditor
F4 - Exchange of information with other projects
F5 - Praia da Vitória wetland infrastructure management plan
F6 - Post-LIFE communication plan

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