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"Bringing Nature Back to LIFE"
"Ecological Restoration and Conservation of the Green Coastal Wet Infrastructure of Praia da Vitória"

Expected results
The creation of a wet green infrastructure will allow the economic development of the island through the enhancement of bird watching, a growing activity in the European and American continents, contributing to raise awareness in the community of the importance of environmental valuation.
Ecological level:
- Increase in the biodiversity of the coast of the city of Praia da Vitória;
- Establishment of a network of wetlands integrating three zones with very different characteristics;
- Paul da Praia da Vitória: zone of intersection of the base aquifer and sea water without dune dynamics;
- Paul do Belo Jardim: possibility to recover a wetland still with dune dynamics;
- Paul da Pedreira do Cabo da Praia: wet zone with rocky substratum permeable to the rise of tide and with strong influences of the superficial occurrences of the hydrographic basin that composes it.
- Increase in the area available and improvement of the ecological conditions of the support structure for migratory avifauna in the North Atlantic;

- Renaturalization of heavily humanized areas;
- Increased visitation of migratory bird species;
- Increase in the number of species and individuals by resident species;
- Increased knowledge of the ecological functioning of coastal wetlands in this biogeographic region;
- Possible discovery of new species for science resulting from the monitoring of communities of lesser known species such as arthropods or bryophytes.

Socioeconomic level:

- Increasing socio-economic sustainability of the city;
- Increased visitation (number of visits and length of stay) of international birdwatchers;
- Development of an economic system based on the ecological services produced by the humid green infrastructure, namely support and support for international birdwatching;
- Development of a society more respectful of the environment and the natural vocation of the territory;
- Creation of a team specializing in environmental restoration of wetlands.